SKF works towards promoting traditional art forms while also providing scholarships to students pursuing classical music and dance and pension and medical insurance to needy artists.

About The Foundation

The Foundation is a non-profit registered society (Regd. 61883, exempt from tax under Section 80g and12A) formed to spread awareness about India’s intangible heritage in music and dance and to preserve the gradually fading more than seven hundred year old Spiritual traditions in Music. Founded by Manjari Chaturvedi, The Foundation has the multifaceted team of 11 members from all over India.

The Foundation works towards attaining the following objectives:

  • Promote spiritual dance and music and world cultural unity
  • Initiate children and orient the youth to become self-employed through arts – dance and music
  • Organise training classes, workshops and musical concerts to promote Spiritual Kathak and classical music in India as well as across the world
  • Provide financial and technical assistance to retired artist as well as to needy students who are committed towards Spiritual music and dance