Ms. Manjari Chaturvedi

A visionary in performing arts and the Founder and President of The Foundation, Ms Manjari Chaturvedi is a pioneer of her dance. A force and a name to reckon with, she has blazed her own path with her work in last twenty years on the Spiritual thought, setting a historical step in the field of performing arts through the creation of a completely new artform, which remains original and yet follows the precedents of mystical traditions that are nearly 700 years old.

Through music and dance she has been reaching out to the people, through more than 300 concerts in more than 25 countries across the world. In the last two decades, Manjari has performed concerts all over the world including Europe (France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, U.K. & Ireland, Armenia, Georgia), the Middle East (Dubai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait), South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka) and Central Asia (Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan) along with Australia and America.

With the establishment of The Foundation, she has taken a leap further to support marginal artists and provide research opportunities to scholars and students under the banner of The Foundation.

Manjari Chaturvedi, the leading exponent of classical dance in India, is an unusual dancer, she has blazed her own path, that no one traversed earlier, in the field of performing arts. She has taken the traditional form of Kathak to a different level altogether and has created her own style, her own brand of dance. Her productions as a dancer are projects that are meticulously researched, documented, as she first studies the original traditions and then finds her own artistic expression of the subject and that expression is always unique, as never seen before, as she pours her heart and soul into the dance. Through her various projects and concerts she has always strived to work towards spreading the message of human love and peace among people. Dance and music for her become the medium of expression for her thoughts working with as many as 385 artists from all over India. She has worked with Kashmiri Sufi musicians, Rajasthani Sufi musicians, Qawwals and Indian classical musicians with a wide repertoire and beyond the confines of region or traditions. Her work encapsulates the various extremes of Indian tradition in a unique yet smooth blend to present forth an art form that speaks of communal harmony through its every gesture. Her work spans from earthly romance of Hindi folk to the evolved Sufi imagery of love in Persian poetry, from a beloved in flesh and blood to the abstract presence of the Almighty, from a form to formlessness.

Recipient of many awards, she has also been the part of the Symposium at the prestigious Smithsonian Museum Washington D.C. and of the conference on Living heritage by UNESCO and is the Jury and member of “Think Tank on Asian dance” for the prestigious Asian Dance Committee in Korea. In the past decade Manjari Chaturvedi has collaborated and performed with a wide range of international artists as Global Fusion with Tim Ries (Saxophone, Rolling Stones, USA) And Ustad Shujaat Hussain Khan (Sitar, India), Taufiq Quereshi (India), Kailash Kher (India), Kevin Hays (Piano, USA), Dhaffer Yoseuf(Oudh, Vocals, Tunisia), Rahim Al Hajj ( Oudh, Iraq), Patrick Possey (Saxophone, USA), Firas Shahrstan (Qanun, Syria), Micheal Glenn (Bass, USA).

Manjari’s work transcends all religions to become a link bridging God and the devotees; taking one far away from materialism. It is synonymous with serenity, piety, mental peace and divine power, which is a symbol of truth. It is attracting the new generation at the international level, breaking barriers as an example of unity in diversity.