An overview of activities undertaken by The Foundation

Towards its many endeavors, SKF continuously undertakes numerous activities and initiatives to constantly engage with the society.

Research and Documentation

Undertaking studies and research in the field of Spiritual thought, and documenting them, forms a core part of the Foundation’s activities. To this effect, the Foundation is currently engaged in three prominent projects: The Qawwali Heritage Museum, that seeks to preserve the art form of Qawwali in digital format, The 22 Khwaja Project, to create awareness about 22 unknown shrines in and around Delhi, and Preserving the Ganga-Jamuna Tehzeeb.


The Foundation has worked with the Government and in association with various corporate organizations, for various cultural events and through such concerts the Foundation has tried to relive the past eras, thereby representing our rich cultural heritage.

Seminars & Symposiums

Seminars are organized regularly to discuss and debate on topics relevant to The Foundation’s areas of work. These seminars not only propagate an exchange of information and ideas but also provide a platform to lesser known artists and practitioners of music to showcase their art. ‘Understanding Qawwali’, a seminar series, has been a first of its kind initiative to bring the art form of Qawwali into the domain of serious academic discussion.

Education Programmes

The Foundation undertakes education programmes to orient students in Spiritual thought and related art forms.

Support Schemes & Scholarships

SKF provides medical support, pensions and annual scholarships to retired artists and the wives of deceased artists and to keen students who do not possess the finances, for pursuing courses in music and dance under various schemes.