The real story behind the smaller artists lies in their homes, in the small towns from where they come. They may be singing at the nearby Dargahs or shrines or temples or they might have been heard at the various music Festivals.

They keep the tradition alive, but who helps them to live? These musicians are marginal artists hailing from small towns singing day after day at the nearby Dargah, barely making enough to sustain themselves and their families.

We at Sufi Kathak Foundation try to help them in every possible way we can. These artists are Qawwali musicians, Rajasthani folk musicians and dancers, Kashmiri folk musicians, women artists including singers and traditional dancers.

As a part of its activities, Sufi Kathak Foundation has been supporting the practitioners of traditional music, Qawwali and traditional dance for the past several years and continues to do so. Sufi Kathak Foundation provides medical support, pensions and annual scholarships to retired artists and the wives of deceased artists and to keen students who do not possess the finances, for pursuing courses in music and dance. Support and Donations are accepted under the following schemes:


“Deva Sharif Pension/Medical aid Scheme” for support to old needy artists and Qawwali Musicians and traditional artists for their sustenance.

“Saraswati Pension/Medical aid Scheme for women in performing arts” for contribution in music and dance and related art forms by the female artists.

“Amir Khusrau Scholarship Scheme for Music” to financially support keen learners, enthusiasts and students for learning music, both vocal and instrumental.

“Manjari Chaturvedi Scholarship Scheme for Dance” to support keen learners, enthusiasts and students for learning traditional dance forms of India.

“Mevlana Rumi Project Grants” for experimental collaborations between Sufi Music, Sufi Kathak and other forms of Music.

You can join hands with the Sufi Kathak Foundation and help in the following ways:
· Donate books, articles, music or any other material related to the Sufi thought
· Support an artist through pension, medical aid and scholarships
· Sponsor the festivals and concerts organized by Sufi Kathak Foundation
· Donate towards a specific project
· Extend infrastructural support in t¬¬he form of studio spaces, office equipments (laptops / PCs / disk drives), artist accommodation during programmes
· Any other non-monetary assistance that might support the Foundation in its activities

SUFI KATHAK FOUNDATION is registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs for the receipt of foreign grants under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA).

Sufi Kathak Foundation accepts donations / contributions in the form of cheques / bank transfers to fund its various activities. To make a contribution

For cheques/drafts: In favor of SUFI KATHAK FOUNDATION

For online bank transfer:
Bank – State Bank of India, Saket, New Delhi
Account number – 30495897681
MICR Code – 110002173

Donation Details:
Permanent Account Number: AADAS5230Q
80G Registration Number: NQ.DIT (E) / 2009-2010/ S -5537/2875
*All contributions to the Foundation will be duly acknowledged with receipts.