Classical Kathak Dance
Mystical Dance Sessions
Understanding rhythm, melody and expressions to poetry.

Under the guidance of the traditional dancer of Kathak Dance form Maestro Manjari Chaturvedi.
Come and dance with us…a time for the self… letting go of all thoughts…simply flowing with the movements of our body…
allowing the music and the words, to touch our souls and our hearts, to dance remembering the love for the Almighty as the mystics did…or dance for the sheer beauty to our existence. Manjari is a dancer with an innate sensitivity and capacity of understanding in body movements. For nearly twenty years she has been travelling around the world performing her unique dance. Manjari’s expertise, patience and calm presence has encouraged students to keep coming back for more in-depth study of this beautiful dance form.

Join us for learning a structured classical dance tradition with specific grammar. Kathak, a rich heritage of Indian culture. Express through body movements, emotions, music, creativity. Dance with free-flowing energy and listen to music to explore the Self.


Manjari Chaturvedi, a name to reckon with, a trail blazer, the leading exponent of classical dance in India, is an unusual dancer, she has blazed her own path, that no one traversed earlier, in the field of performing arts. She has taken the traditional form of Kathak to a different level altogether and has created her own style, her own brand of dance. Her productions as a dancer are projects that are meticulously researched, documented, as she first studies the original traditions and then finds her own artistic expression of the subject and that expression is always unique, as never seen before, as she pours her heart and soul into the dance. She has performed in over 300 concerts, 24 original creative productions to her credit, in more than 22 countries over the world, Manjari excels in what she does.

Many of you who have witnessed her dance have been left utterly moved by the sheer energy of her performance as she transforms the performance space into an experience for the audiences. And as her audience, we stay spellbound, grappling with our own emotions, feeling our hearts lift to another level, the souls dancing with her, feeling the pulsing energy of her dance. After a performance no one can be left untouched by Manjari’s dance, such is her soft power, she surrenders and easily dissolves into the dance, and the dancer and dance become one.

With the establishment of the Sufi Kathak Foundation she has taken a leap further to support marginal artists and provide research opportunities to scholars and students under the banner of the Foundation.

She has been the part of the Sufi Symposium at the prestigious Smithsonian Museum Washington D.C. and of the conference on Living heritage by UNESCO and is the Jury and member of “Think Tank on Asian dance” for the prestigious Asian Dance Committee in Korea. In the last decade, Manjari has performed in concerts all over the world including Europe (France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, U.K. & Ireland), the Middle East (Dubai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait), South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka) and Central Asia (Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan) along with Australia and America.



South Delhi & North Goa


• Please wear white/off-white flowing anarkali kurtas teamed with churidars/pyjamas.
• Ghungroos/ dancing bells can be availed from the Foundation.